Easter BasketEaster is around the corner, along with a wide assortment of gooey goodies: chocolate bunny, marshmallow peeps, jelly beans, candy covered eggs and pastries. You can still enjoy what the Easter Bunny brings without losing your teeth! Here’s how to enjoy the holiday responsibly.

  • Eat it all at once: If you’re going to eat candy, don’t drag it out over the course of the day – eat it all in one sitting. By eating it all at once, you allow your mouth to repair itself from the damage done by sugary foods. It takes saliva approximately three hours to neutralise the harmful acid that damages your teeth.
  • Eat better candy: sticky, chewy, and hard candy like jelly beans are worse for your teeth than sweets that dissolve quickly like chocolate.  Sugar free candy is also a good option for protecting your teeth from decay.
  • Floss, Floss, Floss!: If you’re going to partake in some guilty candy pleasure this Easter, make sure you floss after you eat to help rid your mouth of sugary bits your toothbrush might have missed.
  • Indulge after dinner: Eat sugary Easter treats after a main meal. You mouth produces more saliva when you’re eating so it will help clear away sweets debris more quickly.
  • Mix n’ Match: Instead of filling Easter baskets with candy and chocolate – vary your goodies. Mix sweets with with toys, crayons, and other trinkets that still make Easter fun but also cut down on candy consumption.
  • Easter Alternatives: In addition to varying candy with fun surprises, you can swap out super sweet treats for some healthier alternatives like fruit and bran muffins.


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