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5 Tips for Perfect Teeth!

1.)  Floss Daily: Get rid of left over food and debris that can cause cavities. 2.) Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day: Make sure you brush for at least two minutes. Use a soft bristle toothbrush and brush gently so as not to damage your gums.  Don’t forget to brush your tongue to get rid […]

7 Tips for a perfect Prom smile!

Prom night is coming up fast – you’ve got the dream dress and dream date but your look isn’t complete just yet! Don’t forget that you’ll be snapping plenty of pictures and flashing your pearly whites for the camera. Get your smile camera ready with these easy to follow tips: 1.) Brushing – this one […]

10 Foods for Strong and Healthy Teeth

We all know candy, sodas, wine and coffee spell bad news for your teeth. Here is a list of foods that are great options to keep your teeth strong and healthy. 1.) Dairy: milk, cheese, yogurt are high in calcium and contain casein which helps fortify teeth. 2.) Pears: Pears are fibrous and stimulate saliva production. Pears also have […]

Tips for a Healthy Easter Smile!

Easter is around the corner, along with a wide assortment of gooey goodies: chocolate bunny, marshmallow peeps, jelly beans, candy covered eggs and pastries. You can still enjoy what the Easter Bunny brings without losing your teeth! Here’s how to enjoy the holiday responsibly. Eat it all at once: If you’re going to eat candy, […]

10 Tips for Invisalign Cleaning and Care

Now that you’ve received your Invisalign braces, you’re on your way to a brand new you! Here are a few tips to keep your Invisalign aligners clean and free of damage. Clean your aligners before wearing them. Make sure your hands are clean and wash them one at a time. Never us denture cleaner or […]