Case #1

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Problem List:
• Uneven smile with spacing in upper teeth
• Bad bite with increased overbite (overlap)
• Drifting upper front teeth moving forward
• Missing teeth at back
• Rotated and tipped teeth with lower crowding

Treatment Goals:
• Improve smile by aligning teeth and close spaces
• Fix bite by correcting the overlap
• Bring upper teeth back into line
• Make correct spaces for implants later
• Align the lower crowded teeth

Treatment Summary
Invisalign Full in both arches for 11 months using 21 aligners
– Precision attachments for careful planned movements
– Interproximal reduction to help resolve crowding
Retainers to hold the result (fixed and removable at night)

Watch the videos below to see how our patient’s teeth adjusted over time with the Invisalign treatment.