Clarity Advances braces is truly the evolved version of the conventional fixed appliance. The Clarity bracket has been designed to give maximum aesthetics and function for the fixed appliance. The innovative features and technological advances of the Clarity bracket include:

• A small and comfortable design featuring rounded corners to reduce irritation and rubbing.

• Translucent material that blends with your teeth, providing virtually unnoticeable
treatment and allowing you to smile confidently.

• A unique system that is easily applied and removed by your orthodontist, allowing
you to focus on the new you, not the process.

Case Suitability

This fixed appliance system is versatile enough to cater for a mild case all the way through to a complex case. This will include the following:

• Overcrowding
• Gaps between teeth
• Teeth sticking out (forward) or teeth sticking in
• Severe bite problems
• Smile correction
• Severely tipped and rotated teeth
• Pre-treatment before cosmetic dental work (implants, bridges, crowns, fillings)
• Extraction cases and asymmetries
• Combined with surgical cases
• Part of inter-disciplinary treatment for full mouth rehabilitation.

Clarity can be priced according to whether you have full or partial brace or even an upper or lower brace. So a six month smile to a comprehensive treatment is available.