Incognito Orthodontic Braces are bespoke braces made to fit behind the teeth. They are 100% customised to follow the contours of your teeth for comfort and performance. A unique prescription, determined by your orthodontist helps to build your Incognito Orthodontic Braces. This allows your teeth to move in the most efficient manner possible. The wires used in the system are bent to a precise shape with robotic technology to ensure that you get the results you want.

Case Suitability

Incognito braces are nearly as versatile as the clear fixed braces. These include problems such as:

• Overcrowding
• Gaps between teeth
• Teeth sticking out (forward) or teeth sticking in
• Certain bite problems
• Smile correction
• Tipped and rotated teeth
• Pre-treatment before cosmetic dental work (implants, bridges, crowns, fillings)
• Extraction cases