Dr. Raman Aulakh is an Invisalign Platinum Elite Doctor, Clinical Speaker and a key opinion leader for Align Technology. Dr Aulakh has been an Invisalign provider since 2008 and has treated over hundreds of Invisalign cases to date.He qualified from Birmingham Dental School in 1998. He has passed examinations with the Royal College of Surgeons and has a Masters in orthodontics from the University of Aarhus, Denmark.Raman has written and contributed to numerous publications and orthodontic literature. He has recently been commissioned to write a master class series for Orthodontic Practice to showcase treatments requiring orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and the Invisalign system.Raman works closely with many referring dentists to offer patients a complete and comprehensive treatment care plan. The aim is to provide clinical excellence in a relaxed, comfortable and professional environment.

Raman is a true believer of “face driven” orthodontics which means looking at the face as part of the treatment plan before guiding the teeth in the right place. This allows him to bring harmony to a patients face with their teeth and bite.


Invisalign Masterclass Part 3 – Invisalign for Teenagers

Orthodontic Practice

July, 2014

Continuing our Invisalign Masterclass series, Raman Aulakh highlights the use of Invisalign with elastics to treat a class II malocclusion.

Anterior Tooth Alignment – Recommendations for Stability

Dental Update

May 1, 2014

This article considers the importance of current orthodontic practice in retention and stability when considering anterior tooth alignment.With the exponential increase of general dentist based orthodontic systems for anterior tooth alignment with considerably shorter treatment times. Practical recommendations along with a current literature review are required to improve success and outcome of the long term result.

Invisalign Masterclass Part 2 – The Scope of Invisalign for Complex Cases

Orthodontic Practice

May, 2014

In the second part of this series, Raman Aulakh and Beena Harkison present a case study where Invisalign is used to manage complex tooth movements.

Invisalign Master Class Part 1 – The Degenerating Dentition and Reversing the Process

Orthodontic Practice

March 12, 2014

In the first article of a new series highlighting the expanded uses of Invisalign, Raman Aulakh, Invisalign platinum elite doctor and Beena Harkison, clinical support manager at Align Technology, present a case where the effects of ageing needed to be taken into account.

The Anterior Ratio: The Missing Link between Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry 

Case Reports in Dentistry

July 18, 2013

There is an increase in the number of dentists using orthodontic treatment for anterior tooth alignment. This is either combined with additive bonding or interproximal reduction; knowing “when to” and “how much” requires an understanding of the anterior ratio. This case report explains how to use the anterior ratio to help provide optimal aesthetics and function for the ortho-restorative patient.

Standardised Orthodontics

The British Dental Journal

May 24, 2013

Opinion on all adult orthodontic treatments requiring an inter-disciplinary approach to facilitate optimal aesthetics, stability and function.

Treatment Planning the Orthodontic Restorative Patient

The Journal of Private Dentistry

December 1, 2012

To discuss effective communication for successful outcomes in aesthetic dentistry. The importance of systematic treatment planning with inter-disciplinary cases before presenting an orthodontic-restorative case report.

When Should Orthodontics be Part of Reconstruction of a Degenerating Dentition? A Case Report:

Progress in Orthodontics

November 1, 2011

The present case report aims to describe a typical situation of an adult patient seeing her dentist for replacement of a missing tooth, but also requiring information regarding the possibilities for a return to the original occlusion as perceived by the patient based on family photos. The importance of the communication regarding the consequences of blindly following the patient’s demand.

Dr. Raman Aulakh’s Teaching Session at King’s College Dental Institute London

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Event Location Date
Study Club Doubletree Tower Bridge, London UK Feb-14
Study Club Carton House Hotel, Dublin IE Mar-14
Study Club Crown Plaza Reading, Reading UK Apr-14
Study Club Hilton London Tower Bridge, London UK May-14
Training Course LonDEC, London UK Jun-14
Study Club Arora Gatwick Crawley, Crawley UK Sep-14
Training Course Hilton London Tower Bridge, London UK Sep-14
Training Course Hilton London Tower Bridge, London UK Dec-14

If you are a dental professional and would like to attend one of Raman’s study clubs, please contact your local Invisalign representative.